Juggling Balls

About Juggling

The act of juggling pre-dates any recorded history so the exact origins will never be known. The earliest known record of juggling, from the 15th Beni Hassan tomb of an unknown prince, shows female dancers and acrobats throwing balls. Juggling has also been recorded in most other early civilizations including China, India, Greece, Aztec (Mexico) and Polynesia. For some easy to learn resources, we highly recommend readers visit this Youtube Channel for learning how to juggle.

Our Range of Juggling Balls

Balls are the most common juggling prop since most people learn with balls first. Ball juggling can be broken down into the following styles: Contact Juggling, Numbers Juggling, Pattern Juggling, Trick Juggling, Technical Juggling, Bounce Juggling and Footbag (aka “hacky sack”) Juggling. For the purposes of record keeping and ease of communication, the terms “ball” and “beanbag” are generally interchangeable in the juggling world.

Additional Resources – The Official Juggling Association

More Juggling Ball Data

The Acrylic Contact Ball

This ball our standard acrylic ball. It is machine ground and polished. Although not made to the same exacting specifications as our Premium balls, this ball is a tremendous value for the money (y’all know – “Bang for the buck”)

This ball is near-perfectly round (one would require a discriminating machine to find any minute irregularity) & well balanced. It is clear, transparent, and virtually unbreakable.

Ideal for all forms of contact juggling including palm rolling, body rolls, balancing and more. A great choice for those wanting to play with a large diameter ball without having to mortgage the house.

Like all acrylic balls, care must be used to not scratch the ball’s exterior. It is best to practice over a soft, smooth surface to prevent chipping and scuffing.

PLEASE NOTE: ANY TRANSPARENT ACRYLIC BALL IS LIKE A MAGNIFYING GLASS – exercise caution and do not leave the ball in direct sunlight where it can potentially start a fire. Please always be cognizant of this fact and handle accordingly.

The Glow Ball

The Original MMX Glow Ball from Passe Passe in Paris, France has awesome one-of-a-kind design details such as:

A precision engineered brass screw cap with a ¼ inch deep thread. This has the advantage of being easy to screw in & out of the threaded inner shell containing the Light Emitting Diode (LED). Designed by an aerospace engineer, you can be sure that it marries up perfectly with the thread & will not block or snag like cheaper plastic caps.

High grade translucent beads that diffuse the light evenly. Be assured that these are a top grade plastic made to equally distribute the light for a truly perfect aesthetic look while giving the familiar tactile sensation of a traditional grain filled juggling ball.

Soft plastic shell ensures durability & long life. Whereas inferior copies of this ball are crudely made by drilling a hole in a stage ball, this model has the LED alcove moulded in purposely. Each ball is beautifully weighted & has the right ‘give’.

Easy Maintenance – This ball is made to last and comes with a lifetime warranty to the original buyer. This does not cover the wear & tear on the diodes or batteries or abuse. Throw them in your swimming pool, try to force bounce them on concrete or play fetch with your pit bull and you’re on your own. However it does cover just about everything else. AND – Replacement LED circuits complete with batteries can be bought here at extremely competitive prices.

Juggle the whole night long & more! Such is the power generated by the battery cells in this ball that you can juggle for an average of 20 hours before seeing a marked difference in the luminosity. Buy replacement batteries with your purchase & pay just $1 extra per set for each ball! (For the economically-minded out there, that’s equal to less than 5 cents an hour of juggling time with three balls. Cheaper than, well, just about anything these days!!)

This is a great looking glow prop at a great price! It’s a professional quality ball and it looks as good as balls costing literally hundreds of dollars more. Purchased from us, the batteries are very inexpensive and they’re super easy to replace.  No hunting around for a recharger or an outlet when you’re ready to get your GLOW on!

The MMX Ball

Whereas the beanbag is ideal for beginners, the MMX ball offers more value long term being a soft skinned PVC moulded ball filled with seed. The surface of the mould used in the manufacture of the MMX ensures a soft grip on the finished product.

Each ball is digitally weighed for accuracy before the stopper is inserted making them very popular with pro jugglers such as Jay Gilligan & Thomas Deitz to name but a few.

Available in White or the following fluorescent colours; Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange or pink.

Weight 115 g (mmx1), 150 g (mmx2).

The WOW Juggling Ball

WOW Bouncing Ball – Neon  70 or 92mm

The best way to describe the WOW ball is the very reason we call it that.  People inevitably pick it up and ask what is it for?  We tell them to give it a bounce.  The unexpectedly high rebound virtually always generates a “Wow!” from the customer.

This is a unique, foam ball with a really high bounce ratio.  Some folks use them as regular floor bounce balls.  Some use them as head-bounce balls. Some like them just because they’re BIG, colourful and visual onstage. A great ball at a  great price. Be prepared to chase them around the gym on occasion. Just think of it as an added aerobic feature!