Welcome to Kinetic Juggling

Chances are you’re here because you’ve either seen us at one of the many conventions we’ve attended in the past 6 months, or you heard about us through the grapevine from a fellow juggler – perhaps someone who was sporting one of our popular “iJuggle” SuperStar Series T-shirts. However you may have found us, we’re glad you did.

With a combined sixteen years of juggling experience between us, you know we mean it when we say Kinetic is “…for jugglers by jugglers.”

We get around and many of you know who we are. On this site we give you honest and clear reviews of our products. Everything is personally hand-picked by us. Most of our inventory is imported from Europe, so we can bring you props you don’t usually see in a language you understand at prices you can afford.

We’re based in London & NYC and though we don’t have a retail store (yet!) we’re more than happy to bring props for you to check out to our twice-weekly juggling meetings of the NYC Carmine St. Irregulars Juggling Club. Twenty-two years old and going strong!

So peruse our site and shop for some cool toys. Illuminated props, DVDs, one-of-a-kind T-shirts and more. Hey – you’re a juggler and jugglers never have enough toys.

For fastest service, use your credit/debit card to make payments to Kinetic through our secure server via PayPal so you can shop safely with confidence. You can also mail us a money order or check if you prefer. Of course, we’ll ship to you anywhere in the UK, US and Canada at the lowest possible rates. If you live somewhere else on the planet, we can get our stuff to you, too, probably for less than you imagine.

So – I’m done for now. Go shop on your laptop, desktop or mobile phone! And we’ll see you at a convention somewhere near you, soon.

Discover some of the World’s Best Jugglers through our large selection of DVDs on juggling.  We personally select every DVD we sell.  We watch them in their entirety and if they don’t make the cut to be in our personal library, we don’t offer them to you.  Every single disc is great in it’s own right, for various reasons.  Some are instructional, some are archival, some are amazing and some are just plain fun.  We have a DVD player set up at all our fests and encourage you to call or email with questions about specific discs.

Juggling is obviously a niche market, but this market is my world.  Many of our DVDs are personally produced by the featured jugglers themselves.  Support their efforts and keep those DVDs coming by picking up a couple.  Better than a night at the movies! There are studies that prove Juggling enhances the brain, check out this study by Oxford University.